Friday, March 30, 2012

$640 Million or Lotto Fever

The odds of winning are 175 million to 1. And, approximately a 5% chance that it won't be hit. Then the jackpot could rise to One Billion Dollars. That's a big number. Of course, 640 million tonight; or about 270 million after taxes would be nice.

Ok, gotta admit it, i'm in for Ten Bucks. Spending the next 8 hours dreaming about it; and talking about it with friends is well worth the money. Thinking about what i'm going to do with my winnings. I'd have to start with family/friends first.

I've always thought of myself in terms of service (retired military), and have resigned myself to the reality that i will always be an addictions counselor, that is, til death do me part. I love what i do, and feel called to do it. Of course, with that much money, i could open my own facility, or maybe just work a little less.

This is a brand new blog, with very few followers. However, if you've got a need for some extra-bucks, give me a shout-out, i'd love to share (after i'm rich :).  Life is good, keep moving forward!


  1. I didn't buy a ticket because I thought my odds of winning would be just as good without one :)
    My sis got some and said she'd share her millions with me if she won.

    Thanks for the book recommendation on my blog! I haven't read "Illusions" in years, an excellent book.