Saturday, March 24, 2012

perfectly where i need to be ...

Cocoa Beach
... and, as good as the first day of the conference way, today was even better. learned a lot about trauma, spirituality and recovery. spent most of the morning talking about the right hemisphere. described by my instructor as, "in the moment, and outside of space and time." wonderful discussion about unconscious minds communicating with each other. good example; when we get in the presence of someone at higher level of consciousness, our own minds reciprocate --- and we may begin to think more clearly, and be able to formulate solutions to some issues that may have earlier confounded us. interesting for sure.

the afternoon delved into ethics; and while normally dry, we had a lively discussion concerning a variety of pertinent topics in my chosen field. so thankful for the opportunity to spend some quality 1:1 time with some peers. we tend to get so busy in our own lives, that sometimes we lose sight of the valuable contributions / and available mentoring that is / could be provided by others. nothing easy about the helping professions, but rewarding beyond compare. so blessed to be able to share, and learn.

would like to leave my new blog-friends with a wonderful quote shared by instructor.  "if you could stay in faith (in the moment), you would never have conflict in your life." doc ccn.

wishing all a lovely saturday evening, where-ever you are :)


  1. Right now I'm in Fla, but usually I'm in Michigan. We are visiting our son, who was lost in a horrific heroin addiction for over 10 years. He moved to a recovery community down here. It seems getting away from his old environment, and from my monitoring his every move and mood, has been very good for him.

    We love Key West (who doesn't), and stay in Marathon every year. However, this year we are traveling the state to visit family.

    Enough about me! There are many exciting developments in the treatment of addiction. I look forward to reading your take on some of them, and generally enjoying your attitude of gratitude.

    1. i deeply appreciate you taking a moment to share; your experienced and calm demeanor exhibits hope. and, when all else is taken from us, and when we finally "let go and let God" hope is really all we've ever had. sending best wishes, thoughts and prayers to you and your family.