Friday, March 23, 2012

all day talking harm-reduction ...

... as the first day of the drug/alcohol conference was a smashing success. enjoyed the challenge of other perspectives, and enjoyed being reminded that every human being is different, and responds in different ways to treatment. our instructor assured us he wasn't there to advocate, but rather to give us options in the care we provide. this brings me much hope and a little peace to my heart. it helps me to remember that even though i may suffer multiple setbacks with some of my clients, there is always another way. we can never give up on each other. of course, a text in the middle of the day from one of my folks announcing "100 clean days" didn't hurt either...

home to a backyard in bloom. may be troubles out in this big old world, but they won't be on my mind this evening. i love my family, my work, and my life, and am grateful for every single moment of it. tomorrow it's a full day of ... ethics .... life is good :)


  1. I love that last paragraph.
    That is so true about every human being is different . . . unfortunately a lot of people think all addicts are the same . . . liars, thieves, etc and then go on to treat us all the same.
    How good would it be for more people to realise that each addict is unique too.
    Nice post, thanks.

    1. thanks so much, you're my first friend, and first comment since i've decided to return to my blog. sending you all the best, have a terrific weekend :)