Monday, March 26, 2012

what do you see, when you look in the mirror?

... regardless of the positive, wonderful aspects of our lives, still gotta be very careful with how we handle that image always looking back at us. what and how are we remembering? early in recovery, lots of mixed emotions still play out daily in our interactions with others, so how are we thinking of ourselves? most friends and family have long forgiven, almost forgotten our missteps, while we continue to beat ourselves up. so why? let go of all that pain and suffering. you deserve much more.

living in the moment, and being thankful for this time and place allow us the freedom to grow, and be who we are. what is our way of being in the world? are we capable of sharing unconditional love? you should know that research shows that sharing unconditional love changes the brains of those immediately around you. it's calming, as it allows others to be more receptive and open. kind of a natural and healing way of being, that all souls gravitate toward.

very early in this new blog, with so much to share. i've missed these moments, and am thankful to be back. wishing each and every one a beautiful day :)


  1. Unconditional love breaks the hearts wide open of those who feel they most don't "deserve" it and lets all of the disease and infection pour out and cleanse itself. Then they are free to begin to begin again anew a new and different way.

    At least thats been my experience.

    1. yes ms annette; agreed completely, wonderful observation, and appreciate you taking the time to send thoughts. wishing you the best :)